You may already have a brochure that showcases your business; You and I can design and build a web site that will become your electronic brochure. I can create something quickly by using a template or we can consult together to create something uniquely yours.

Since the Internet is a global phenomenon, the client who wishes web work can be in one location (city, state or even country), the designer in another and the place where the website actually resides can be in yet another. Distance is no barrier to this kind of collaborative work. This design and creation can easily be accomplished using telephone and email for communication between you, the client, and me, the designer/builder.

Services also included are additional aspects such as:

All my code is validated by the official web consortium to be error-free and valid to the world-wide standard.

I have been a professional mainframe programmer/analyst since 1970 and, as such, I have many years of experience in all aspects of computer software design, creation, testing, documentation, maintenance, and teaching.