Favorite Links

These links connect with some web sites that are of particular interest to me. Some relate to the Bahá'í faith, some to various musical groups, others to various aspects of space exploration, some to companies I promote and a few are purely for fun.

Bahai Faith Official International site for the Bahá'í Faith

Bahai Faith Bahai Faith in the United States

Golden Bough Celtic Music

Capercaillie: Scottish Musical Group

Celtic Spring:
Sometimes referred to as the "Von Trapp family of Celtic music"

The Black Dyke Band:
One of the finest brass bands in the world, performing for over 150 years

NASA Mars Rovers Home Page

Mars Society

Eden Project

Space Studies Institute

Willow Valley Software & Technical Documentation

Griffin Dyeworks
Quality dyes, such as natural dyes, earth oxides and dye pigments,
fiber tools and many other useful items.

Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division