8th Grade
Mrs. Blake

8th Grade
Mr. Hindman

7th Grade
Mrs. Waggoner

7th Grade
Mr. Hindman

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Mrs. Waggoner's 7th Grade Class

Mrs. Waggoner's 7th grade class photo
Mike Smith Mike Sorenson Patty Philips John Boyd Sara Stockwell Ralph Wilson Mike Woodward Sherry Bennett Connie Steichen
Larry Gray Lyn Calapp Carol Coyle Gary Hauserman Frank Campoy Jeff Le Vitt Yvonne Lea Peggy Martin Peggy Meddles
Karen O'Keefe Valerie Grimenstein Joysa Jacks Carl Bates Craig Corwin Elaine Groom Sandy Peterson Charlene Kuhl Donald Harding
Jeannie Kaggerud Cathy Missildine Lorraine Mansker Becky McDaniel   Paul Pardun Steve Price Rick Sealey Kent Sigler
Mrs. Essie Waggoner Caroline Moore           Keith Mercer Mr. Clarence Hart


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