I have been in the computer industry since 1970 and, as such, I have many years of teaching both fellow professionals and complete beginners in a great variety of different skills.

I teach basic computer usage skills for the Microsoft Windows operating system and can help persons learn to use Linux which is an Operating System replacement for Windows. I do not teach Macintosh since I don't use them. I can help you to learn to create documents, to write the Great American Novel or to write simple letters for your family or anything in between. I can teach you to create spreadsheets, to use the internet and to create and send and receive email. Such basic skills as spell checking, grammar checking, formatting the text and making backups to save your precious work all are included in this teaching. I have used personal computers since 1981.

One man's appreciation of Linux

Linux has been around since 1992, for over 26 years. Microsoft Windows has been around since late 1985, over 30 years. Microsoft has a very effective marketing staff while Linux is basically word-of-mouth from one enthusiast to another. Linux actually has a deep market penetration in web servers and big business. A plurality of the internet runs on servers that are running Linux (Apache is a Linux-specific web server package).

Web Server Market penetration comparison

To show that major businesses have great confidence in Linux, here is a list of adopters of that Operating System:

Linux adopters

Because Linux is a no-cost alternative to Windows on the desktop and is getting more word-of-mouth coverage, people are beginning to take notice. It is slowly gaining market penetration.

Desktop Market Penetration

Where to get Linux images

The three most popular Linux "flavors" as of the end of 2016 are listed below. They are free, no cost. They are complete, fully featured Operating Systems with numerous applications pre-installed and tens of thousands of others available from their respective software repositories. Linux Mint is a good choice for those moving from Windows because it is designed to have a desktop that looks and works very much like Windows 7. Debian is used by NASA on the ISS and very different from Windows. Ubuntu has a desktop that makes it more comfortable for Apple OS-X users.

Linux Mint