I have been in the computer industry since 1970. That was The Good Old Days. The Good Old Days that involved punched paper tape that tore, decks of thousands of punched cards that got dropped and had to be re-sorted and computers that filled rooms and required special air conditioning and specially conditioned power and boasted all of 64K of memory. Oooh!

My involvement in personal computers dates from 1981. My first personal computer also boasted 64K of RAM. It sat on a desk top and did nearly as much as those big old mainframes at a cost that an individual could afford.

I have many years of teaching both fellow professionals and complete beginners in a great variety of different skills relating to computer usage.

James with guitar
I have been playing the guitar since 1962. I play in the classical and folk styles using finger-picking, flat-picking and strumming chords and have taught many others to play the guitar. Music is a universal language and I can help those who wish to learn that language -- for their own enjoyment or for more public performances.